Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Round-up
The mayors of both St. Paul and Minneapolis unveiled their budget proposals for 2010 this week. Minneapolis plans to cut spending across most departments while increasing property taxes by 6.6 percent. St. Paul will also utilize a mix of expenditure cuts and a levy increase to balance-the-books. Budget discussions also continued in Red Wing, Bemidji, St. Cloud, and Newport, among others.

Both the City of Verndale and the City of Cottage Grove are weighing the pros and cons of recent legislation that allows local units of government and the State Patrol to enforce low-level traffic offenses with administrative citations.

To become a city, or not--that's what the residents of Brockway Township debated earlier this week. The League of Minnesota cities web site includes a handy guide that describes what's involved with incorporation.

Meanwhile, the editorial board of the Mankato Free Press heaped praise on that city's Council for forming an advisory committee that " immigrants and minorities who live (there) another way to connect to the community."