Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekly Round-up
The Star Tribune reported that, to help cover revenue lost through Local Government Aid (LGA) cuts, the City of St. Francis is considering selling city parkland. Other Minnesota cities contemplated budget-balancing measures for 2009 and beyond, as well. The St. Paul Pioneer Press noted that the City of Burnsville plans to discontinue its vacant property registry, and the Northfield City Council City Council unanimously approved a wage freeze for city employees starting in 2010, according to the Northfield News. In other news, Congratulations to Wadena Mayor Wayne Wolden for being honored with a President's Award from the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. Mayor Wolden was cited for his role as a leading advocate and spokesperson in defense of preserving LGA for Minnesota Cities. The City of Chatfield announced some awards of its own--congratulations to the City for its recent LMC City of Excellence Award and to City Clerk Joel Young for his appointment to the state's LGA Study Group.