Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do city services actually cost?
For the average household, a lot less than cable TV service a or cell phone plan. The City of Woodbury is among one of several Minnesota cities that includes a comparative cost chart of city services on its municipal web site. For instance, the average household in Woodbury pays $248 per year for police protection, only $63 for fire protection, and $24 for street lights, among other services. Compare those costs to a year of broadband internet service at $719, or a daily newspaper subscription at $234. Or, as the site notes, "On average, a Woodbury homeowner would spend more for cable TV service ($761) than the combined cost of police and fire protection; street reconstruction and Public Works operations such as snow plowing; and parks, trails, and recreation services." At a time when some households are struggling to make-ends-meet, city residents continue to receive quality services at reasonable prices.