Friday, October 30, 2009

Help available for communities preparing for tidal wave of aging Boomers
Recently, a presenter from the Central Minnesota Council on Aging warned officials from the City of Royalton of an oncoming "Silver Tsunami"--driven by the fact that every seven seconds there is someone born of the Baby Boomer generation that turns 61 years old. With rapidly aging population bases, cities will be challenged to adapt services and upgrade infrastructure to accommodate the the unique needs of older Americans. Yet, there are few communities adequately prepared for the "Tsunami." To help Minnesota communities better prepare for the dramatic demographic shift, the Minnesota Board on Aging has published a booklet on fostering "Communities for a Lifetime." The booklet includes useful case studies about successful city initiatives in our state, to date, and is compelling reading for municipal officials as well as those simply interested in demographic trends in aging. The League of Minnesota Cities also recommends useful resources on this topic.