Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So, what has City Hall done for me lately?
The Waseca County News has published a piece submitted by Waseca City Council member Les Tlougan that lists city service statistics in that city for 2009. Waseca's current population is approximately 9,800. All-in-all, the piece lists stats for the year related to public works, public safety, and general administration and finance. Some examples: 7,205 police calls; 363 building permits issued; 51,500 utility bills generated and mailed; and 500 fire hydrants flushed. Tlougan provides useful food-for-thought for residents of any city who want to know how city tax dollars are typically spent. He also emphatically notes that Waseca will have fewer dollars to deliver these services going forward--according to Tlougan, if Governor Pawlenty's most recent budget proposal is approved the City stands to lose 44.5 percent of its local government aid for 2010 and 2011.