Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ideas, Opinions & Common Sense
The League of Minnesota Cities has posted a new video to engage Minnesota residents in a discussion of the League’s Cities, Services & Funding effort. The video ("Ideas, Opinions & Common Sense") is the second one released by the League in recent weeks. Nearly 15,000 State Fair attendees stopped by the League's Cities Matter booth during the 12 days of the Fair to view the video, pick-up a state map, or play the Cities Matter plinko game to learn more about city services. Those who have not yet visited the Outside the Ox web site are encouraged to watch the video there, and weigh-in with their thoughts about city services like police and fire protection, parks and recreation centers, street maintenance, and libraries, among others. The League hopes to gather ideas from residents of Minnesota cities about how those services should be funded in the future given new economic realities.