Wednesday, May 16, 2012

League of Cities releases findings from statewide conversations with city residents

Ideas and opinions from more than 700 Minnesotans about the future funding of city services in our state are featured in a recently-released report from the League of Minnesota Cities titled “Community Conversations: Minnesotans Talk About Cities Services and Funding.”
Among the key findings:
  • Conversation participants were reluctant to identify specific services to cut, and a majority favored changes in service delivery to avoid cuts.
  • An overwhelming majority (84 percent) agreed that the state has a role in ensuring that quality services are available in every community. Generally, participants supported some kind of revenue sharing between the state and cities.
  • Participants agreed (86 percent) that people other than city residents who use city services should also help pay for them.
  • Participants generally favored implementing a local sales tax as long as the tax was for a specific resource only (community center, athletic facility). They generally did not favor implementation of a local sales tax solely to pay for general city services.
The League is completing return visits this month to most of the 12 cities that participated in the conversations to formally present the results to participants and other interested community residents. The findings will be widely shared statewide throughout the summer and will be used by League policy committees to develop and refine city-related legislative policies for the 2013 State Legislative session.